• Achievers
    Rohan More becomes the first Indian to swim across Ocean Seven

    Pune-based swimmer Rohan More has become the first Asian as well as the first Indian to swim across the Ocean Seven. Rohan has even created history as he is the youngest person in the world to complete Ocean Seven challenge. Well, Ocean Seven consists of seven long-distance open-water swims. It is considered the marathon swimming […]

  • Maharishi Vishwamitra

    Viswamitra is the author of the Gayatri Mantram. Before being a sage, Vishwamitra was a king of lunar dynasty. His name was Kausika which means ‘of the river Kausi’. A Life changing event occured in his life and he became Rishi. One day, the king found an Asram in the forest during hunting. Asram was […]

  • Maharishi Bhardawaj

    Among Vedic Rishis, Bhardawaja Rishi lived through three lives, at the end of which he became immortal and ascended to the heavenly world, to union with the sun. Rishi Bharadawaj’s father was Guru Brahaspati and mother was Mamta. Lord Sri Rama had gone to his Asharam during ‘Forest life’. Rishi Bharadawaj’s hymns were collected in […]

  • Gurus
    Maharishi Atri

    Sage Atri is considered to be one of the great discoverers of sacred Mantras of Vedas. Atri is the seer of the fifth maṇḍala of the Rigveda. Sage Atri is the first among the Sapta Rishi. He is the religious son of Lord Brahma and was created to help Lord Brahma in the act of […]

  • TGM Contest

    Participate in the regular writing competition and win a profile page for yourself in the magazine plus a certificate. Join the TGM club and participate in the club activities. Upload the video tutorials in a subject of your proficiency. Join our community classes as a teacher and spread your skill.

  • Gurus
    Maharishi Vasistha

    Maharishi Vasistha was Ram’s guru and the Rajpurohit of “Ikshawaku” dynasty. He had established Gurukula on the banks of river “Saraswati”, where he and his wife Arundhati were taking care of thousands of students. Vasistha had complete knowledge of the cosmos and the God. Many of his Shlokas are found in Vedas. He wrote “Vasistha […]

  • Gurus
    Ved Vyasa

    Ved-Vyasa was one of the important ancient Indian historians, astronomers and philosophers. The Sanskrit word Vyasa means split, differentiate, or describe; it also means editor. The sage classified the primordial single Veda into four. Hence he was called Veda Vyasa, or “Splitter of the Vedas.” It is revealed in the ancient history that different Rishis […]

  • Gurus
    Sapta-Rishis of India

    India is the land of great Rishis and Yogis. The Sanskrit word Rishi means-one who has attained divine knowledge through a higher state of Consciousness. The Vedic Rishis were composers and singers of Vedic hymns that were revealed to them by the Supreme Being. They perceived the truths and dived deep into the subtler aspects […]