The Great Masters

The Great Masters is an educational magazine for school and college students. Our  mission is to inspire today’s generation facilitating them relevant and useful information of their world; and a platform to keep their morale high so that they may use their full potential for their personal and social development. The magazine features the articles written by teachers, educators, and by students themselves.

About “The Great Masters”

The Great Masters was founded by Pramod Kamat in 2009.

Pramod Kamat
P Kamat


The real purpose of “The Great Masters” is to spread the flame of inspiration, that our great ancestors left for us to make this world a better place.

About me

I founded The Great Masters because I have always been interested in reading inspirational writings. Really! Word has eternal power! If anything is mortal and powerful on this earth: it is the word.

I always advocated the use of modern evolving tools in the field of education; whether it is print media or electronic media. I have been always a strong imaginer, and this all started after listening stories from my mother, grandmother and my uncles in my childhood. Those stories seeded imagination in my mind. I enjoyed becoming a part of virtual world of comics of Chacha Choudhary, Chanda Mama, Lot-Pot, and others. Me and my brother Ashok would have done anything to get a comic book in those days. In my virtual dream world, I always remained as a hero. This habit became obsession for me, and I always enjoyed it like a video game.
Far from the real world, I kept imagining myself the protagonist of my future ventures. Though my thoughts were only the reflections of my observations of my surroundings, only disadvantage was that it detached me from the real world. In spite of this I succeeded to earn some good friends in my school life. But the impact of parallel imagined world of mine was so strong that I kept living in that world more and more. My every practical activity was to get that dream world of mine, the future world. To carry out the goal I always strived for the source of moral and religious energy. Nobody could satisfy the hunger of my mind.

But one day, miracle occurred when I got a pocket-book containing Teachings of Swami Vivekananda. My God! I can tell you, I got everything in that book which was of only one rupee. It was full of energy, for which I was strive for. My all hunger was appeased. Sayings of Swami Vivekananda inspired my soul. The essays of Sardar Puran Singh especially affected me which was a part of hindi prose book in our high school syllabus. I kept that book for a long time and referred many persons to read.  Such an effect of writings overwhelmed me. Thanks to the Education Department of Uttar Pradesh, So inspirational writings were included in our text-books! Hindi essays of Sri Ramchandra Shukla was compiled as ‘Chintamani’ remained as a holy book with me for years. I read stories of Prem Chand and other writers.
I was very shy in my school days but when I read these writers I changed gradually and this was the positive effect in my personality. It looked like my soul got voice. I can say now that those days were the most happiest days of my life and I got the most satisfaction in reading those writings. The effect of these writings was that  I began planning to achieve my virtual world which was a part of my inner personality. I began sharing my ideas with my college friends, those ideas which took years to gain shape with a strong believe.  My dreams turned into my goals and I started gathering means to make it.

I saw those who studied only to make career. But I was out of race because my purpose was not to make career, but to find my own virtual world. I could not explain this to anybody. How could I? There was no means. I switched streams, gained knowledge and earned degrees. I could not settle myself with any career, because, from the beginning, that was not my purpose. I realized that nothing is more precious than education in this world.

I am Master of Science with chemistry, Bachelor of education and Bachelor of Law. I started teaching in my college days and later it became my career. Being as a teacher, I am happy. I am committed to use every available tool, for the purpose of education. The Great Masters is one of the tool for that purpose. Another tool is film making, for which I have trained myself for years. I learned initials of film making in a crash course. I am the writer, camera person, and editor of all TGM videos that are uploaded on you tube. You can watch my uploaded videos by clicking here. The Great Masters promotes the use of videos in classroom studies.

The  Journey of “The Great Masters”

The idea of “The Great Masters” was conceived in 2009 by me. I disclosed this to some of my friends and never quit it in spite of many odds in all these years. As every initiator I started alone thinking and dreaming.

In July 2011 the first print of the magazine was out. I spent whole of my income in printing magazines, managing office, paying salary etc. Printing magazine is a costly affair. I am trying to keep up continuity but “lack of enough money” always overpowered.

Since 2009 thousands of printed magazines are freely distributed in various schools. Due to lack of money we have some misses in our archive. Though magazine could not be printed but the sanctity of its purpose could not let it stop and the “The Great Masters” remained continuing grow day by day in the social arena of its reach. It is for the benefit of our students. It enrich their soul with inspiration from life history of great masters, it embraces them to come together to learn and polish their skills, it make them full of confidence.

“The Great Masters” is a very effective tool of relevant education. That’s why now it has a permanent body in the form of e-magazine and now oxygen of the entire world embraces it. Come and be the great master! Remember, you are awesome person, and you deserve the best in life! We are here to help you, find your dreams and turn them into reality.

I want to thank following companions who helped me with all their means to support and carry out the goal.
Vineet Choudhary, Sodan Singh, Umesh Sharma, Late Ganesh Singh, Atish Ansari, Smt. Vijay Koul, Dr. Anees Ahmad,  and many more friends.

My Hobbies

I enjoy listening music during my creative work. I consider myself a student and enjoy learning new things. Nowadays I am learning video editing and animation. For me the happiest moments is to do work on my computer. I teach chemistry, math and science. I am happy to spend my money to promote the “The Great Masters” and making educational videos.

Articles written by Pramod Kamat, unless otherwise stated.
In earlier printed issues many grammatical errors were found. I apologies for those mistakes and I ask the readers to find time for correction, if they can, and upload it on the website to build a correct material for our students.
If you see anything that needs correction on this website please let me know.

Contact me any time.

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