You are currently viewing Amoli… An eye- opening  documentary  about the trafficking of minor girls!

Amoli… An eye- opening documentary about the trafficking of minor girls!

Flesh trade is not something new to India. The country has been witnessing this for ages. And sadly this business is in full swing yet today. GB Road, officially known as Shardhanand Marg in Delhi is from one of the worst place, a dark side which speaks a lot.  Trafficking of children is the talk of the town after a digital documentary, ‘Amoli’ on the commercial sexual exploitation of children, produced by Culture Machine is out. This documentary follows the story of Amoli, who five years ago, vanished from a Siliguri tea plantation.
With an aim to create awareness Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and prevent the trafficking of children, the 30-minute film features stories of children who were forced into the sex industry, interviews of survivors who have been rescued, and families of girl children who are still missing. The directors, Jasmine Kaur and Avinash Roy, who are the National Awad Winner as well, attempted to capture the magnitude of commercial sexual exploitation of children.  We just cannot criticize the government or the police to be held responsible for failing to protect our children. It is a collective failure of the society. The trade will flourish as long as there would be demand for children, said Avinash Roy.
DCW Chief Swati Maliwal was also present and said “GB Road is just tip of the iceberg. There is child prostitution taking place in the residential colonies of Delhi as well. Students have a very key role to play to”. She also said As the head of the DCW, I have led many raids and rescued minors from GB Road, which is a forced prison for thousands of children who have been trafficked and forcibly thrown into the flesh trade. National Award winning  Actor Adil Hussain was also present and said “In the next 100 years, if we can envision an India where empathy, love, and art is taught from primary school and is taken up by the govt., then somehow we’ll have a generation that doesn’t look at a woman only as flesh”. Advocate and President of ‘Shakti Vahini’ (an NGO which works on women issues) talked about how Child Trafficking is an organized crime in our country and every year thousands of girls get trapped in this.
The event also showcased Kolkata-based artist and photographer  Leena Kejriwal’s interactive art installation called ‘Missing’, aimed at creating awareness on the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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