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Work hard, relax and focus! Adopt this 'mantra' to score good marks in 10th board

10th Class student, Bhanavi Saini talked to us about her success in 10th board. She scored 92% with getting 98 marks in both English and Computer, her favorite subjects.
How are you feeling now about your success? Did you expect good percentage?
I am feeling very elated about my success. I had expected a good percentage and I am really satisfied to have to come up with my expectations. I was very nervous (you know that last minute agitation and fear which comes up in every mind)before my result was put up on the website but now that it has, and it was wonderful, all the nervousness has faded away and happiness and the desire to achieve more is driven on my mind. Now when I think of it I feel that the boards were overrated, well obviously they were back after a period of 8 years, so they had to be, but this full syllabus was kind of normal for me as I knew it from the beginning of the session and had prepared myself accordingly.
What was your preparation strategy for exams?
My idea of remembering stuff for my examinations was to study while taking many short breaks to keep my mind fresh and that is why I was very calm during my board examinations and my syllabus didn’t feel like a burden to me instead it was fun.
How did your parents help you to motivate during exams?
My mother was throughout very motivational about all this, she was like a spirit guide, and she was taking a lot of pains for me during that time about my meals and my schedule, and for hearing me out. She along with my grandmother had consoled me to not to go and play Holi this year as both of them thought I might fall sick and would not be able to attend the exams.
Whom do you give the credit for your achievement?
I am really thankful to all the people who were behind the scenes in all this. I am the first girl child of my generation and all my family members pamper me a lot, this was the very first time I was giving a really important exam in my life as told to me. My ‘Mami’ always gave me inspirational speeches. My ‘Nani’ also played a key role in all this as she never missed to wish me good luck before the exam and was very motivational throughout. In a nutshell, I am thankful to all the other people who helped and supported me throughout the year.
Was there any proper timetable you followed throughout your 10th exam?
My ‘Massi’ helped me to figure out a perfect timetable for my studies and I had to follow it throughout. They helped me to focus on my studies by advising me to spend more time on self-learning.
So what are your future plans?
Well interestingly, many of my family members want me to become a supermodel but I have decided to become either a Chartered Accountant or go in the field of media and mass communication.
Any message for 10th class aspirants?
I would only like to say that work hard because that’s all that counts and spend more time on analyzing the books by yourself and self-studying.  All you have to do is be focussed, take short breaks while studying to help refresh your mind and enhance your memory.

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  1. Shikha

    Bhanvi’s determiination was strong,,, she worked hard n acheived what she rightfully deserved… All d best for her future….. Love u always….. Stay blessed.

    1. Bhanavi

      Tysm maasi… I love you to the moon and back… You n mousa ji deserve every bit of credit of my result for your counsel n much more…

  2. Shikha

    Bhanvi is a super talented girl…. Her determination has rewarded her good marks in boards. May she keep shining…. Love u n boebl u.

  3. Shweta saini

    She is a girl full of confidence n immense potential to achieve grt success in all spheres of life…keep shinnin bright Bhanavi

    1. Bhanavi

      Tysm m
      y dolly and my fashion icon… my bff …. The only teenager I have ❤❤❤❤

  4. Ramnath Saini

    Well done little princess… you have made nanu proud…❤

    1. Bhanavi

      Naaanuuuu…. my friend, philosopher and guide who taught many many old school techniques to me… especially in mathematics… like the tables of 1.25 and 0.75 n many more… you have even wished me luck before every exam… a person who tells the exact time whenever I ask him ‘when will you reach??’ The answer is mostly ’12 mins’

  5. Shilpa Saini

    Bhanu… my love at first sight… you don’t have an idea of how proud mummy is… Work hard and do well in class 11 too my miss universe…😘😘😘

    1. Bhanavi

      My dear mom… you don’t know how happy I am to hear this from you… love you till infinity and beyond… ty for always being there for me… For putting me to sleep with your long long stories and lullabies during one day before board exams when I couldn’t sleep..

  6. Shilpa Saini

    Bhanvi is multi talented girl. Wish you a good luck in whatever you do.

    1. Bhanavi

      Smiley maasi…. ty for your support and appreciation…

  7. Ayushi Bhatia

    A girl who knows how to manage time. Multi-talented girl. Great going sweetheart. Proud of you💕🌸

    1. Bhanavi

      Tysm my musically companion… tho we haven’t spent much time together… but I enjoyed every second I spent with you…❤❤

  8. Nikki bhasin

    It’s gud to hv children like u in r family.actually u r a super model n a role model for the coming generation

    1. Bhanavi

      Nikuu maaasii… tysm for your love and appreciation… you have always been there for me and have always taken the effort to appreciate and motivate me .. love you..❤❤😙😙

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