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“Hard work complemented by will power and determination triumphs talent”

Keep working hard and you can get anything that you want. Naman Jaswani , a small town boy from Nangal, Punjab has set a live example for each one of us that if we really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it.
Naman Jaswani  secured All India Rank -1 in his very first attempt in the GATE 2018 Examination in Instrumentation Engineering conducted by IIT Guwahati. A 4th year student in NIT Jalandhar, Naman started his preparation for ‘GATE’ earnestly when he was in his third year. So engrossed was he in his preparation that when winter break came a couple of months before  GATE 2018, instead of flying to the cosy confines of his home, he choose to stay put in his bunker, and toil with some of his like – minded mates. This small-town boy from Nangal, Punjab, believes and follows the motto – hard work beats talent in the race to success. Such firm belief is a breath of fresh air, as it shows we as a nation are no longer a stickler for talent.
Interestingly for Naman it is not all about study, as he is as much a family man who is close to his parents and retains his religious leanings. He fondly recalled how, on exam day, his parents picked him up from his college in the morning, and they together visited an idyllic temple to get the blessing of the almighty God. The calm presence of his parents and the moments spent in the soothing ambience helped him stay cool on D-day, he confessed!
On the day, GATE results was announced; Naman was caught unawares, though he was expecting a good rank based on his consistently good performance in the test series, as the realization took some time to hit home! Naman quotes “I appeared in Instrumentation paper in GATE 2018. I have score AIR 1 in my paper. My GATE score is 944, and marks out of 100 is 92.67.  My success mantra is hard work, willpower and dedication. The candidate also needs good parental support. This is in addition to my other mantra – hard work beats talent! “
For a GATE aspirant Naman advises, his three key success mantras-hard work, determination and will power. He said, if one possess all these three weapons everything is achievable.

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