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Jagdish Narang, President of Senior Citizen welfare Association, Noida and Brand Model of Kotak Mahindra Bank

Age is just a number. Shri JagdishNarang, President of Senior Citizen Welfare Association, Noida, devotes his time for the welfare of society. While speaking with us he shared his experiences.
Here are some excerpts from the interview.
Sir, how did you become the President of your Society?
After retirement from Haryana government, I came to settle in Noida with my family. When I started living here, I noticed some fellow senior citizens of my society were living a lonely life. It made me think about an organization for the senior citizens.And in 2012, we made a society with the name ‘Senior Citizens Welfare Society’. Today we have more than fifty Societies in Sector 62, Noida. All of us assemble, gather and look after their problems. As a welfare society, we work for cleanliness, health camps, and donations to needy people. We support government welfare activities like ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. We have issued senior citizen cards also for identification.
You are fond of traveling also with your senior friends.
First I was in fear as it was like taking responsibility for so many aged people. Nevertheless, later when I planned our first tour to Mathura &Vrindavanwe enjoyed a lot. Many senior citizens, who never had a chance to go outside and relax, got ready this time.
You are a theater artist also. From where did you learn acting?
Well, this is God’s gift to me.When I was around 12 years, I started doing acting in Ram-Lila in Karnal. Even today after 50 years, I play roles like ‘Sudama’. And you would be happy to know that I teach young students art in our society and prepare them for the stage. Soon I will start an art academy for these young students to reveal and mould their talent.
Acting is not a good profession in a large section of our society, especially when it comes to girls. What do you have to say about this?
I believe today the time has changed. The days are gone when girl’s role had to be played by a male in the dress of a woman.Today many female artists are doing theater. ‘Art’ is something, which has no definition and no line. People appreciate their plays also.  Girls are everywhere today from being on television to films. Our culture has developed rapidly.
Did you also want to become an actor?
Not all dreams come true. Yes, I was a good artist but there is end number of good artists and everyone wants to perform on stage in front of a large number of audience.Today most of the actors have become successful after going from stage be it National School of Drama or Film and Television Institute of India
How do you become the ‘Brand Model’ of Kotak Mahindra Bank Of India?
Well, I am an artist and people get to know about me when they see me doing play. One day I got a call from an agency, they asked me for my photographs.They selected me for a photo shoot along with few other models.
So did you ever intend to make any of your children an artist?
My children were always there with me when I used to do play on stage. Moreover, at times they performed. I have two daughters and one son.They did not choose a full-time acting career. I feel so proud today to say that one of my daughter is a doctor, another one is on a good post in a private company and my son is an engineer. Interestingly, my daughter still seeks art today and whenever I call her, she comes and plays the respective role.
Do you have any dream, which you want to fulfill?
Not all of our dreams are fulfilled. At this stage, all I want is to keep serving the senior citizens and spread this art.
Thank You, Narang Ji, for being with us. All the best!

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