Arun Kumar Sinha, former Director of Printing

Hardwork is the key to success. Arun Kumar Sinha, former Director of Printing and currently the Vice President of Prerna Institute of Mass Communication and Research, Noida , speaks about success and facing challenges in life.
Here are some excerpts from the interview.
Sir, what are you currently doing?
After working for the government of India for around 42 years, from the last two years, I am trying to fulfill my responsibilities for the society, which I might, did not complete when being in-service.  Now I am satisfied sharing my knowledge and experience with social organizations and people who do social work.
Any work in which you take pride when you were in power?
At the appointment for service, we take an oath not to spill the beans about in-house work. What I can tell you is I worked for the government with full dedication and gusto. I completed all national and international responsibilities assigned to me, my officers never got a chance to warn me for work, and I take pride in saying this.
What is the success keyforIAS aspirant?
For every competitive exam; concentration, hard work, and open eyes are the keys to success. Nowadays not everybody is willing to pass test exams for a government job. The biggest change I see today is that new generation has less patience to appear for these exams as now they have many alternatives.
Is there any luck in success?
(Giggles) Yes, luck is there. No two people are similar, there are thousands of kids born at the same time with same horoscope and stars yet everyone goes at different places. With our efforts and hard work, we can change the lines of our hands.
What gives you happiness when you see the society?
We are talking about Indian culture. Friendship and excitement to know new people is growing.Because of social media like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp people share their problems nowadays and try to get a solution. Twenty years ago, there was no such medium.
Would you like to share any interesting life story?
Life is a series of incidence. I would like to share an incident. I come out from my parental house first time in my life when I got admission in Banaras Hindu University for Chemical Engineering.Spending first day in a hostel, I ran out to my house and asked my father that it was not possible for me to continue there.My uncle counseled me and arranged for my admission in the hostel where my cousins were also staying. I used to be an innocent boy then. In the hostel, seniors ragged me in the canteen. They asked me to abuse as much as I could. When I failed to perform, they abused me for ten minutes. For many days, they kept on abusing and ordered me to learn that. But interestingly I am thankful to those people as giving abuse means building up confidence level as it is to speak up for your sake. For me, it helped in boosting confidence, which now helps me in life. We must face awkward moments in our life.
How do you take failure?
I believe failure is the stepping-stone to build dreams. Failure gives us reason to work harder and forces us to do self-introspection. Life is all about difficulties, we should take failure as a lesson.
Was it your dream to be an IAS officer?
Here I will quote APJ Abdul Kalam’s saying that if we do not see dreams then we cannot do anything. We should see big dreams as this encourages us to achieve. I followed the same path.

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