Maharishi Atri

Sage Atri is considered to be one of the great discoverers of sacred Mantras of Vedas. Atri is the seer of the fifth maṇḍala of the Rigveda. Sage Atri is the first among the Sapta Rishi. He is the religious son of Lord Brahma and was created to help Lord Brahma in the act of creation. Atri Maharishi has great contribution in developing agriculture on the earth. Atri Maharishi is the reason of the birth of Parsi religion, where fire is worshiped.
Atri rishi did great tapas on the Para Brahma with his consort Mahasati Anusuya, the daughter of Kandama Prajapati. The trinity (Creator Brahma, Vishnu the saviour, and Shiva the destroyer) themselves came to test rishi couple. In disguise as hungry and tired pilgrims the trio made a firm demand for mid day meals immediately; putting a strange and queer condition that Anusuya should serve them without cloths without waiting for the host Atri, who was yet to return from morning rituals. Realizing that this is façade to test her, she compiled the demand. Not only she turned the trio infants but also breast-fed them. Maharishi Atri was delighted to see the strange sight on return. Mahasati Anusuya, very fond of children was blessed with three extraordinary children. The trio asked Atri Maharishi to relieve them and blessed the couple with three sons Chandratreya, Dattatreya, and Durvasa, who are the incarnations of the Divine Trinity Brahama, Vishnu, and Mahesh respectively. Somatreya established the Someshwara Jyotirlinga, used to overcome all kinds of passion. Soma, as the incarnation of Brahama, has the power to cause any species to continue survival. Soma and Durvasa gave their powers to Datta and went for Tapas. Dattatreya thus carries all the powers and attributes of the Trinity, and became a Guru and continues even now.

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  1. Prabhakar

    There is a particular mantra for Athri Maharshi, can any one let me know about it.

  2. Manoj Kumar Atrey

    My name is manoj kumar atreya. . My yonni is rakshsa and my father was was great devotee of lord rama. He just used to call me rakshsha everytime . But he is not in bhulok now. But after his death i have many qustions about me from him. But i think he was the only person who was can solve my qustions. But at the time he was alive i was not imazined those qustions i am experiencing now during my meditation.
    But i asked u a qustion now so it is irrelevant now. Sorry.
    I dont know the mantra of mharishi atri.

  3. Pramod Kamat

    Namaste Prabhakar Ji,
    It is good that You have developed a deep bond with your beloved father. For sure you will get all the answers that you need. Athri Maharshi is son of Lord Brahma and is first among Sapta Rishis. The mantras are in Vedas. Do search for the mantras.

  4. Sutharthan Mariyappan

    can u tell me in which veda i can find the mantras for Saptha rishi Atri

  5. vijay

    Born as rakshas gana is not wrong,, even Prahalada was born to rakshasa… do our karma.. donot fear anyone for being born as rakshasa.. meditate on lord Narayana who gives bliss to all creatures

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