Maharishi Vasistha

Maharishi Vasistha was Ram’s guru and the Rajpurohit of “Ikshawaku” dynasty. He had established Gurukula on the banks of river “Saraswati”, where he and his wife Arundhati were taking care of thousands of students. Vasistha had complete knowledge of the cosmos and the God. Many of his Shlokas are found in Vedas. He wrote “Vasistha Samhita”, a book on Vedic system of electional astrology.  He had in his possession the divine cow Nandini, who could grant anything to their owners. The king Kaushika, who visited Vasistha’s hermitage, was very impressed with the cow and tried to take it away from Vasistha by force, but Nandini’s spiritual power was too great for him. After being unable to conquer Nandini, king decided to acquire power like Vasistha, through penance. He renounced all his possessions, luxury; and later he became famous as Maharishi Vishwamitra.
Once, Prince Rama returns from touring the country and becomes utterly disillusioned after experiencing the clear reality of the world. This worries his father, King Dasaratha. The King expresses his concern to Sage Vasistha, upon his arrival. Sage Vasistha consoles the king by telling him that Rama’s dispassion is a sign that the prince is now ready for spiritual enlightenment. He says that Rama has begun understanding profound spiritual truths, which is the cause of his confusion and he just needs confirmation. Sage Vasistha asks king Dasaratha to send for Rama. Then, in the court of king Dasaratha, the sage begins the discourse to Rama which lasts for several days. The answer to Rama’s questions forms the entire scripture that is Yoga Vasistha. Yoga Vasistha is a religious text that was narrated by sage Vasistha and written by Valmiki.

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